ANNIVERSARY SESH: Stevie & Micah Celebrate Two Years of Marriage

I am a firm believer in anniversary sessions. Weddings are beautiful and fun and emotional and crazy and awesome, but they're also a whirlwind and it is precisely for that reason that sometimes it's hard to enjoy the photographic process of your day. Sometimes it's hard to "act natural" or smile and smile and smile when maybe most likely your brain is running with a million things and you're just a smidge stressed out. Maybe it was 900 degrees out while you were getting photographed in a wedding dress or gentleman's suit, or maybe you clam up when under pressure so relaxing just isn't in the agenda.

In come anniversary sessions to the rescue! You get to share your love- again- and this time you can be more relaxed with no time frame pressing on your shoulder and in clothing you feel best in.

This session was amazeballs. I had had one of the busiest weekends ever when I met up with Stevie & Micah to capture their love last Sunday afternoon at Colonial Park in Franklin Township, NJ. They were celebrating two years of happily ever after, and the weather was crisp and at the same time warm and honestly could not have been better. I was a bit tired from the weekend's activities, but Stevie & Micah were a breeze to photograph and I felt like I was hanging out with two people I had already known for a long time. Their little dog Winter was the cutest thing ever, too! 

Congrats on two years going strong together, guys!