Wedding Tip #2: Natural Light Is Your Friend

It has been a week or so since I posted my very first tip of my Wedding Tip Series (if you haven't read tip "Know Your Photographer" yet, you can click here), and I am ready for round two!

So here it is for wedding tip #2: NATURAL LIGHT IS YOUR FRIEND. 

Ever notice while browsing Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook for your latest #bridalinspo that the most beautifully captured photos are the ones that seem the most natural? That is often heavily due to lighting, and I'm sorry to say it, folks, but often times, flash just doesn't cut it.

I'm going to break this wedding tip down and apply it to two separate parts of your special day:

The Morning Of

I'm going to say it plain and straight. What you as a bride (or a groom) should be looking for when choosing a location to get prepped in is: big windows + light colored walls. It's no secret that light colors reflect light, and big windows really let all that light come in in the first place.


Not only is it because beautiful images tend to be well lit (unless your photographer is going for a specific, moodier look), but the camera functions a whole lot better wherever and whenever there is LIGHT. 



Wedding Ceremony

If you are having an indoor ceremony, try to choose a ceremony location that - again - lets in all of that glorious light. Even if your venue is naturally a bit more dark and dramatic (historical mansions, anyone?), window light can make for some amazing indoor images.

Keep in mind when and where the sun will be shining on your ceremony location. If your venue is a bit darker, try for an earlier ceremony (a few hours before sunset), unless the sun happens to be shining directly on the windows at a later time.



And that's it! Stay tuned for Wedding Tip #3 coming soon! :)