The Wedding Photo Editing Process

You may have followed a wedding photographer for some time- their work looks beautiful, flawless, honest, ethereal... the list goes on. Everyone looks like a model. You may have asked yourself, "How does this photographer always make people look so GOOD?" 

Brides (and grooms) from generations past  as well as in today's age have always wanted to make sure that they look good in their wedding photographs, especially if they are heavily investing in these photographs, and particularly if they are planning to share photos on the many social media platforms so popular today, bared for all to see. 

So the topic of color editing and retouching always comes up when I meet with prospective clients. The question I often get is: what exactly do you edit? 


I want to start by saying this: the basic truth we all know is that we should be happy and comfortable in our own skin, be accepting of ourselves as imperfect as we are from head to toe. And many of us are! But we are also human. Maybe you don't like how your skin looks when you throw your head back for a hearty laugh, or maybe you didn't get to the gym as many times as you would have liked before your big day. Maybe you don't want to be photographed from this angle because that is the side of your face that is less than ideal. 

My goal is to make sure you love your photographs for the moments they represent. What I WOULDN'T want for any bride or groom is for he or she to be hyper focused on some part of their face or body that they don't like, so much so that it distracts from the actual captured moment itself. 

At the same time, the moment and the people involved are what is important, and I would never want to be unfaithful to its reality in the documentation of it.  

That being said, here is what I DO edit when it comes to your wedding photos:

- Colors

- Tones

- Occasional retouching for any major blemishes you may have had, particularly in couple portraits


Here is what I DON'T edit: 

- Extensive reshaping of body parts that you find less than pleasing, including but not limited to: a distaste for your nose, for your cheeks, for your upper arms, for your hips, for your thighs, for your love handles... I think you get the point. ;)


Besides the fact that there is only so much I can move around before people don't recognize you in your photos anymore, this type of retouching is TIME CONSUMING! Oh my goodness, do not underestimate the time it takes to move body parts around on one picture alone!


My purpose in capturing your wedding day is to tell a love story- YOUR love story- in the realest, most truest form; in a way that makes your eyes water or your heart swell just by looking at them.  I want my edits to convey the mood of the moment, to move emotions within you and give you all the feels. :) THAT is my goal and my purpose, my focus when I edit your photos.. and I hope it's yours too.