The WHY Behind HereNorth

 Photograph taken by my second shooter  Lucas Dutra  in March 2016.

Photograph taken by my second shooter Lucas Dutra in March 2016.

I'm an extrovert and I love people. I love relationships (all kinds! - between family members, with pets, with friends, with lovers) and I love the tie that binds them always: LOVE. That intense emotion that can flood your brain and your heart and your whole entire system and move you to do things and feel things you thought you couldn't feel or do.

I didn't necessarily start out wanting to photograph weddings. I was having a good time exploring and experimenting with a hobby in hopes that I could MAYBE do some editorial work for magazines in the future. (A girl can dream, can't she?) It was only when a friend of mine was eloping that I was first introduced to the world of weddings. She loved my work from general shoots, and I agreed to shoot her intimate elopement, both feeling giddy and sick to my stomach, wrought with nerves. I gave her fair warning: I had never done this before! Would I do a good job? Would the bride and groom love their photos?

The short answer is they did. And I survived. And I LIKED shooting the wedding. So I started to wet my feet in this world of wedding photography second shooting for a successful New Jersey wedding photographer.

Word of mouth is any vendor's best friend, so eventually I was hired to do another wedding, and then another, and then another. Yes, weddings are fast paced. Yes, there is a lot to remember. There is a lot of pressure. There are time crunches and (every once in awhile) failed equipment. But here is why I love love love wedding photography and why I can come back to it time and again with renewed vigor and a sense of excitement:

When I shoot your wedding, I get a VIP access, front row seat to one of THE MOST IMPORTANT days of your life. I get to see how you catch your breath ever so slightly when reading a card that your soon to be husband (or wife) has written for your eyes on the morning of. I get to see your hand tremble with emotion when exchanging rings. I get to see eyes brimming with tears of love from family members, and the eyes of the couple who is leaning so, so closely into one another during the first dance, savoring all of these first few moments together as husband and wife. 

How can one not see these things and be moved? How can one not be drawn over and over again to the strongest and purest quality in human beings: LOVE? To be a witness to it, to document its course between two people? 

That's what calls me to wedding photography, and that's why I love what I do. That's what moves me to pull out my camera and document the history, the story of love between two people.  

I love LOVE. Plain and simple.