5 Tips To Rock The Socks Off Your Engagement Sesh This Year

Engagement Season 2018 is fast approaching in the northeast (woohoo!) and with that comes... a plethora of engagement sessions. :D

Engagement sessions are a great way not only to get amazing photos of your pre-wedding coupley selves, but to get a sense of how your photographer shoots so it's not hella awkward on the day of the wedding (when they're about five inches from your face with a camera while you're "ugly crying" at the sweetest card your significant other wrote to you). PLUS it's a whole lot more fun to take photos without the time constraints of a wedding day schedule. 

The thing is, most people feel shy and awkward in front of the camera (even me, I promise) and can be worried about how they're coming out in photos. SOOOOO here are 5 tips for your upcoming engagement session to make sure you not only ROCK it, but have a blast along the way!


1. Choose A Location With Variety

This doesn't mean pick a general place like a huge city (*coughnewyorkcitycough*) and then spend hours traveling to all sorts of places trying to get different backdrops, but more like ONE location that could accomplish the same in a span of one to two hours which is usually how long most engagement sessions last.  (Sidenote: if you want more time for your engagement session to do something crazy adventurous, like a hike up to a waterfall in the Catskills, may I suggest upgrading to the LUXE engagement session). Examples of great spots with lots of variety in the tri-state area are: NJ Botanical Gardens, Central Park, Brooklyn or Terrain At Styers. Just be sure to call in advance to double check if a permit is required for shooting. 

If you're opting for an in-home lifestyle sesh, weeeeell- we can make variety work in different rooms! ;)

2. Choose A Location That Means Something To You

I would've lumped this in with the first one if I could've, but here it is! This one seems like a no-brainer, but it means a lot more to shoot at a location that is special to you two. I have an engagement session coming up with a couple who works in construction and therefore wants to shoot in a construction zone (#howawesomeisthat). Other ideas would be: where you had your first date, where you got engaged, etc.... (at a museum, on a boat, at the beach?)

If you really can't think of a location that means something to you that works for an engagement session, fret not! Once the photos are taken, the place will hold meaning in your heart. :)

3. Dress Like YOU



No other bit of advice I've given my current and past couples has rang more true than this one. I experienced this firsthand when my hubby and I had a couples session two years ago. I had two outfits selected for the session, one of which was a dress that I thought would look cute even though I don't typically wear dresses. What happened? I felt slightly uncomfortable in the dress and it showed. My photographer commented how different and more relaxed I was after I put on my second outfit (jeans and a t-shirt). SO: wear what resonates with you and it'll definitely come across in the photos. 

One thing to keep in mind: you might not want to wear a suit-and-tie if you're planning to climb to a mountain top. Choosing an outfit that "works" with the location is also a major tip!

4. Have A Drink! Or A Coffee or Something...Beforehand.

This is something I would like to implement in 2018- meeting my couples for coffee or a cocktail right before the engagement session. This'll ease the tension you might be feeling, get those initial jitters out of the way and make for a much more comfortable session. :)

5. Don't Worry About The Weather. 

The only time I'll reschedule is if it's going to be a torrential downpour or a hurricane is coming our way. Otherwise, cloudy and a bit misty can be quite wonderful! If the weather is great, the best time to start is 2 hours before sunset. If the weather is overcast, midday works just fine! Be ready to have a rain date just in case though. 


The most important tip above all, so important it doesn't even get a number is to 


I know I will be. :D