photo by madison e. photo

photo by madison e. photo


 hi, i'm adriana.

"'If I had a camera,' I said, 'I'd take a picture of you every day. That way I'd remember how you looked every single day of your life.'" 

- THE HISTORY OF LOVE by Nicole Krauss


I've never been very good about writing about myself.

But if you're here and you're reading, then here's what I can give you:

While I grew up with my nose stuck in a book or my hands stained with graphite after too many hours locked up in my bedroom drawing in a sketchpad, I wouldn't say I was (or am) your typical artsy-fartsy type, wearing flannel and hipster glasses with cat ears on my head, waxing poetic and insisting that on vinyl is the only way to hear music. I'm more like....the Netflix-binging, people loving, sometimes-a-neat-freak who doesn't care about personal style and am obsessed with my 11 year old springer spaniel type of person.

I was born and raised in Central New Jersey and still reside here with my hubby of two and a half years. I've been shooting weddings officially since 2008 and just went full time (holy moly) this past year. I'm inspired by people and by love, by the interactions that shape who we are, and having a first-class seat to the most important day of your life is what keeps me going at it again and again. 

That being said, balancing my work so that I still find joy in working every single wedding is really vital to me, giving each couple my all, which is what you deserve and I wouldn't want to give you anything less. I am only booking a limited amount of weddings, so if you're down to meet, you're down to chat...



Things That INSPIRE HERENORTH (and in no particular order):

love, family, the smell of winter, forest, the greater North, night skies, moons, all kinds of woodsiness, fire embers, antlers, lace, bark, maps, red clay, smelling my dog's paws, candles, sand, cold hands & hot breath, prints & patterns, constellations, arrows, leaves, what's underneath the deep blue sea, carvings, lakes, wedding bands, foxes, feathers, hardcover books, waves, metals, mountains, leather, graphite drawings, moss, compasses, wood floors, bookshelves, bi-planes, oversized jackets, fur, cabins, wolves, copper, string lights, medallion rugs, warm nights, firewood, intimacy, crunching branches, canoes, red tipped noses, NATURE.