This whole journey is about the two of you
and i won't let you forget it.


Over the course of many years working hard to create consistent and beautiful photographs, one major thing that has been impressed upon me is the importance of the EXPERIENCE. Weddings are amazing, a roller-coaster whirlwind ride, and many of the people who will help you get to the other side still standing are the very vendors you hire and trust to guide you.

As a couple, I know you're not just expecting fantastic images, you want to feel like your photographer has got your back. And from the moment you reach out to say hello, I'VE GOT IT. 

I'm a stickler with communication, so you'll never find me ghosting you. I'll be guiding you with tips, expectations, questionnaires and timelines, answering all of your e-mailed questions within hours, and having a good laugh (and a good cocktail!) with you during your engagement session. 

My goal is simple: I will work WITH you and FOR you. If your mom wants photos with all of your aunts and their aunts' aunts', we'll make it happen! If you want to try a certain photo, but are a little embarrassed to admit it, let me know and it's as good as done. 

Together, we'VE got this. 



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