hi, i'm adriana.

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I've never been very good about writing about myself.

But if you're here and you're reading, then here's a glimpse:


 When I'm not talking someone's ear off, I'm a Netflix-binging, martini-loving, sometimes-a-neat-freak who doesn't give two hoots about fashion trends and am obsessed with my 11 year old springer spaniel type of person. I have a thing for nature (couldn't you tell?), and for some bad reality TV.

I was born and raised in Central New Jersey-  

and still reside here with my hubby of two and a half years. I've been shooting weddings officially since 2008 and just went full time (holy moly) this past year. 

I'm inspired by people and by love, by the interactions that shape who we are

and having a first-class seat to the most important day of your life is what keeps me going at it again and again, so if you're down to meet, you're down to chat...





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