I will let you celebrate.

As a couple, I know you're not just expecting fantastic images, you want to feel like your photographer 'gets you' and has your back from beginning to end. And from the moment you reach out to say hello, I'm here to prove it. 

I've been shooting weddings for a long time now- over ten years! One major thing that has been impressed upon me is the importance of the EXPERIENCE. Weddings are amazing, a roller-coaster whirlwind ride, and I'm here to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible from the moment you reach out. I'm a stickler with communication, so you'll never find me ghosting you. You'll be guided with wedding day tips, expectations and logistics on how the day flows, questionnaires and timelines.

What else? (There's more?!) Your e-mailed questions will within hours, and we'll have a good laugh (and a good cocktail!) during your engagement session. On the day of the wedding, I'll be the guiding and calming force you never knew you needed to help keep you on track with your timeline while giving you beautiful images to have forever- from the magazine-like portraits to the candids of loved ones that'll have your stomach doing flips. Your experience with me, to be frank, will be nothing short of stellar

My goal is simple: I'm here to work with you and for you.

see for yourself


investing in your legacy


With me, you can take out the guesswork- there will be no boiler-plate pricing guides to confuse you. We'll chat about everything from whether or not you need a second photographer to what your day-of timeline might look like. You can let me know your wants, your needs, your wedding hopes and dreams- and you'll have custom collections specifically tailored for you with clear "next step" guidance along the way. How easy is that?

Transparency and communication- that's where it's AT. Stop waiting and reach out.


the experience


i'm flexible for out-of the box weddings- and best of all....i flyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

Wedding Collections start at 4900

talk to me

talk to me

I promise, you won't have to wait long for my reply!  You'll get info about my open dates, as well as complete wedding galleries for you to take a look at so you can find out what to expect for your own big day. 

1. contact me

We can either hop on a video to "meet face-to-face" or we can do a phone call if you're feeling a bit shy. Weddings are a HUGE DEAL, so I want to make sure I understand where my couples are regarding style and vision.

2. we'll chat

Once we nail down exactly what you want for your photos, you'll get a proposal with a
few collections to choose from. You select the one that is the perfect marriage of goodies and
your budget, and I’ll send over the contract and invoice to secure your date. (It’s just 30% of the

One little note: I can't save any date without a contract signed and retainer paid. I do pencil you in for 72 hours, but after that the date is open to other people, so....let's lock this in!

3. proposal, contract & retainer

reach out


We'll setup a time to talk. Either video chat or in-person locally to me, whatever works for you! Weddings are a HUGE DEAL, so I want to make sure I understand where my couples are regarding style and vision. This means "meeting" you, in person or on video chat. We can plan a FaceTime "date" or chat over coffee in my town.

2. we'll chat

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You let me know which collection you've selected and we get that contract signed and the retainer paid to secure your date (30% of the total!). We pop open a bottle of celebratory champagne, real or imaginary. 

One little note: I can't save any date without a contract signed and retainer paid. I do put a courtesy 72 hour hold on your wedding date after consultation, but beyond that, nothing is secured on the calendar. Dates book up fast (I'm not kidding, some people book two years in advance), so be ready to LOCK IT IN if you're in love! 

3. contract & retainer

Do you want to just skip the small talk and see if I have your wedding date available? It’s literally three steps from Hello to making magic on your wedding day.

let's do this

You captured me so well! I never thought I was photogenic. Thanks for making me look fabulous!




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